The agenda to the Clear Members Only event

  • What have we learnt from almost half a million data points?

    • Which foods/drinks are logged most often?

    • Which foods/drinks cause most different reactions?

    • Which foods/drinks are always safe? And which ones never?

    • Where do people spike on? What particular peaks have we seen?

    • What does this mean for you?

  • What advances have there been in the meantime in biosciences?

    • On the glycemic score

    • On obesitas and corona

    • What does this mean for you?

  • Quick deep dives:

    • Personalized diet & overweight

    • Personalized diet & female hormone balance

    • Personalized diet & keto and intermittent fasting

  • Fun facts and life hacks

  • What's new in the program? And in the app?

  • Why join Clear a second time? And how to make most out of it?

  • Q&A

The speakers are Madelon Bracke, cofounder and head of biosciences, and Rik Kraan, our chief data scientist.