By using a 3rd party app, you can scan your glucose levels.


  • You have a phone with NFC capabilities (iPhone 7 or higher, Android version 5 or higher - see the full list here)
  • You are on the Dutch or Belgium App Store / Play Store (contact us in case you are not, or see this article on changing your store location)

Installing and setting up the app

  1. Download the 'FreeStyle Libre Link app' (Dutch Apple App Store link | Dutch Google Play Store link)
  2. Open the app
  3. Register yourself with your email address
  4. Keep the unit of measurement on mmol/L (some international versions do not support this, in that case, skip this step)
  5. Set the target glucose range to 3,9 - 7,9 mmol/L (70 - 126 mg/dl)
  6. Set the carbohydrate units to portions
  7. Click through the tutorials
  8. Done? Scan your sensor with your phone (make sure NFC is turned on. Place the tip of the backside of your iPhone, or the middle of the backside of your Android phone against the sensor)
  9. When you feel a vibration, the sensor has been activated and will be calibrated. This takes 1 hour

Applying the sensor

  • You can visit us at our office, if you want us to apply the sensor
  • In the box, you can find instructions how to apply the sensor yourself
  • Additionally, watch these video tutorials how to place the sensor (English | Dutch)
  • After applying the sensor, simply open up the FreeStyle Libre Link app, and choose to activate a new sensor

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